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Educational Resources for School Groups

Easy Pick Program Choices

Basic Student Tour

Consist of a full tour of all available program sites open that day within the time available for the school visit. Usually consist of 7 or 8 - 20 minute programs and 30 minutes for lunch. Classes are broken down into 20 students if possible for these rotations. Cost is $5.50 per student (tax when applicable $6.04)

Teacher, bus driver and one chaperone per every 15 students - free

Additional adults $5.50 ea.

Extended Learning Program

(One of the newest and favorite field trip choices)

Consist of between 2 to 4 – 45 minute programs, fewer locations but longer time spent at chosen program sites. More hands-on involvement. Classes are broken down into 15 students or less for these rotations. Cost $10.00 per student (no tax) for the entire visit.

Teacher, bus driver and one chaperone per every 15 students - free

Additional adults $5.50 ea.

Distance Learning Program

Booked through the CILC web site we can bring the program to life without you ever leaving the classroom. We offer a number of one hour program choices that can be delivered straight to your students via Distance Learning labs. Cost is $80.00 per session.

Overnight Program

We offer a great overnight field trip including programs, meals, and lodging for only $80.00 a student. Program usually begins with a 5:30 arrival time and concludes around 3 pm the following day with the departure. Bunks are limited to 54 bed facility. More can be housed in the WPA gymnasium if required. Themes such as Civil War, Social and Everyday Life and A New Frontier can be chosen. 

Call 870-983-2660 for details or to book your visit to Historic Washington State Park!